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Mecanum scenery wagon

Ventum-S Mecanum scenery wagon

Our Mecanum scenery wagon provides a completely new dimension for moving stage elements and stage equipment to create a fantastic stage set. Regardless of whether this involves stage technology, stage structures , freely movable stage turntables, individual persons or whole choirs, you can move everything reliably, safely and with outstanding precision to exactly the position that you would like.

We have designed the motorized Mecanum stage wagon as a universal multi-faceted tool. It is easy to operate and the high-quality components guarantee reliable and precise operations for your stage equipment, even if the unit is in permanent use.

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The advantages of the Mecanum scenery wagon

You receive a drive system from us, which enables you to move stage technology, stage elements, stage structures, freely movable stage turntables and all your stage equipment. Our construction team has developed a multi-faceted tool for moving stage theatre equipment and it can be adapted to your requirements and your stage technology in a variable manner. Enjoy a sense of flexibility when designing your stage sets and theatrical scenery. Arrange an appointment for a trial with us now!

Universal tool – multi-faceted tool

The Mecanum stage wagon is the perfect tool for moving stage assemblies, people and other heavy items in front of and behind the stage. Create freely movable stage turntables using our basic modules, combine basic modules independently of each other to form imaginative choreography sets or create large scenery wagons by combining as many as eight basic modules.

Modular structure

The Mecanum scenery wagon consists of basic modules measuring 1x 1 m. As many as eight basic modules can be combined to form one stage wagon. You can handle the procedure to combine the basic modules quickly and easily yourself. The possibility of arranging the distances between the axles in a variable manner offers you an additional degree of freedom for creating your stage flat. You can configure all these options on our scenery wagon very easily yourself: it is THE Swiss army knife for your stage.

100% industrial standards

All the components installed in the Mecanum scenery wagon are designed for permanent industrial use. They significantly exceed the requirements for drive systems in stage technology and are designed for use 24/7.

Long operating times

The Mecanum drive system works in an extremely efficient way. This ensures a long battery life. As a result, we have been able to provide compact dimensions (1x1 m) with a high degree of performance (payload capacity/tractive force of 1 tonne in each case).

Exakte Bühnenwagen Steuerung mittels Joystick - Jetzt Probe fahren!

"Without you that wasn’t possible.“

Lucia Goj Directrice technique / Technical Director, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, 15 AVENUE MONTAIGNE 75008 PARIS

"The way that the MEC works and the way that it can be easily installed have introduced major simplifications to the performances of “Mephistoles” in 2016!“

Frank Kuhlmann Head of Event Production, Festspielhaus and Festspiele Baden-Baden gGmbH
Technical data of the Mecanum scenery wagon from Ventum-S

Technical data

  • Dimensions of the Mecanum basic module: 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.2 m
  • Total height: 225 mm (with a 25 mm cover plate)
  • Payload capacity: 1.0 t per Mecanum stage wagon
  • Maximum speed – can be managed in 3 levels (0.3 / 0.6 / 1.0 m/s)
  • Rollers made of Vulkolan, with a needle roller bearing and replaceable. Shore hardness of 95, roller arrangement of -45°.
  • Radio remote control: range of 300 m with visual contact, safe transmission path according to CE
  • Synchronisation of up to eight Mecanum scenery wagons using programming unit (IN-house by the user)
  • Virtual turning points can be defined for the stage structure (outside the frame too)

Flexibility in daily use

Innumerable opportunities
  • Make use of our scenery wagon system to handle a wide variety of transport tasks on and behind your stage.
  • Create your individual stage wagon from as many as eight basic modules and configure the interaction between the basic modules yourself at your company.
  • Remove an axle from a basic module and install it in an empty module at any distance from the basic module. As a result, you obtain far better power transmission for fairly large structures.
  • Control your scenery wagon structures sensitively and precisely with the remote-control joystick.
  • Plot your movements and repeat them using the TEACH-IN facility (optional). Restrict the maximum speed in three levels according to the regulations (DGUV 115-002).
  • Run over gaps of up to 3 cm and uneven areas of up to 1.5 cm with your stage technology.
  • Move around on a wide variety of floor surfaces like carpets or fine floor coverings.
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The Mecanum scenery wagon is flexible in daily use - Arrange test drive!
Exakte Bühnenwagen Steuerung mittels Joystick - Jetzt Probe fahren!

A trial with a Mecanum scenery wagon

Try out the Mecanum scenery wagon at your premises and put it to the test: will our scenery wagon meet your individual requirements? Make use of a trial and test the unit until you are really certain.

When we supply the stage wagon, you have the option of receiving detailed instructions on using the scenery wagon at a workshop and are therefore in a position to configure all the other applications yourself.  In the course of the handover process, you receive detailed operating instructions. If you have any questions about using the unit, you can naturally contact us at any time.