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  • Ventum-S spectator stands
  • Ventum-S spectator stands

Ventum-S spectator stands

Variable spectator stands using the modular system principle.
The Ventum-S modular system creates stands quickly and with great variety. The specially reinforced Praktikabel structural elements for stands are designed for use in areas accessible to the public. They are similar to the standard Praktikabel structural elements in their functions and in the modular system usage and can also be utilised for scenery and decoration purposes. The stand design can then become part of the basic modular system equipment after its original use.


The modular system for stands

The Praktikabel and bridge structural elements and Ventum-S steps form the basic structure.
The modular system principle allows you to combine the components in a flexible way. Using the basic equipment in terms of parts, you obtain the basis for different stand structures. The incline of 166.6 mm within the modular system is suitable for use if the room height is low. When using the double height (333.3 mm), the view from all the seats is ideal. When setting up stands in the public arena, we supply all the necessary certification in line with the requirements in conjunction with our engineering office. We design the necessary accessories like safety rails, intermediate frames and step lighting as part of our consultancy work in line with individual plans and according to the public regulations that need to be followed.

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The Ventum-S stand Praktikabel structural elements

The ideal reinforcement for standard Praktikabel structural elements for use on spectator stands.
Variable spectator stand structures using the modular system principle are created and guarantee the usefulness of the components within the complete range of scenery equipment and decorative and exhibition structures. The welded corner brackets and diagonal struts distinguish the standard Praktikabel units from the stand Praktikabel structural elements. This is how to create combinations of spectators stands efficiently and precisely for your spectator stand project.

Payload for corner bracket
Payload for diagonal struts
Variety of options

Our mission is to provide a system that works as effectively as you do.

We will be happy to advise you individually so that you obtain the best possible configuration for your spectator stand project. You purchase a solution from us and obtain a portfolio of solutions for your subsequent projects – your investment pays off over and over again – that is absolutely certain.


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