• Ventum-S modular system accessories

Ventum-S modular system accessories

Modular system accessories for solutions

To create new standards for variable stage systems.

The accessories supplement the modular system standard elements and offer a broad range of uses. The accessories become the key to maximum versatility and safety both in the component families and modular system usage.

A summary of accessories:

Ventum-S corner sockets and plug-in feet
Ventum-S moving elements
Ventum-S floor panels / construction panels
Ventum-S intermediate frames
Ventum-S safety rails

The accessories guarantee that the modular system works well for a wide variety of stage projects. Our ongoing development work on accessory components enables you to meet individual project requirements.


Ventum-S corner sockets for plug-in feet

Bridge structural elements can be combined with corner sockets and plug-in feet to form plug-in feet platforms, spectator stands and platform areas.
These areas can be set up both on a level and with steps.


Corner socket
Plug-in feet 60 x 60
Telescopic plug-in feet 60 x 60

Ventum-S moving elements

Moving element: insert carriage

Bridge structural elements become mobile quickly and easily with insert carriages. The insert carriages are equipped with direction locks or castors and have a functional design and a low weight of 5.2 kg.



Insert carriage
Insert carriage
Insert carriage

Moving element: lock plus wheel

By using locks plus wheels with bridge structural elements, it is easy to position elements on the outsides of the bridge units. The rollers on the locks plus wheels are available as castors, direction locks or total locking devices.



Moving element: lock plus wheel
Lock plus wheel with bridge structural element
Lock plus wheel with bridge structural element

Moving elements: lifting roller

This makes Praktikabel structural elements mobile, either individually or as stage structures.
The benefits of the modular system are: rapid assembly, sturdy design and floor clearance of 25 mm.



Lifting roller
Lifting roller with Praktikabel structural unit
Lifting roller with Praktikabel structural unit

Ventum-S floor panels, construction panels

Floor panels with a 24 mm plywood design with an end-to-end surface for covering platforms, stages and spectator stands.
The positioning brackets inserted in the floor panels allow them to be screwed to substructures so that they meet requirements for public areas too. Standard panel locking devices: screw fittings on the positioning angle with the modular system design.
Optional panel locking device with a direct screw joint or lock.

Construction panels as 24 mm plywood panels with positioning brackets and vertical modular system drill holes.
They enable you to screw through the connecting element and therefore create the necessary static vertical superstructure with the modular system elements for intermediate levels where people need to walk.



Construction panel
Floor panel

Ventum-S intermediate frames

The key component for structures with the system dimensions.

The step height is achieved by using a panel or an intermediate frame (thickness =25 mm). One of the two components must be used to provide the standard system height when constructing items on top of each other. The production height of the modular system elements results from the system dimension minus 25 mm. The use of the intermediate frames creates considerable weight reductions in comparison with construction panels. Structures can be pre-assembled and taken on to the stage with ideal weights if the installation work has to be completed within a tight time schedule.



Ventum-S safety rails

Safety rails are designed for use in the non-public area.
They are used to protect edges of stages, stage sets and multi-storey structures consisting of basic modular system materials.



Intermediate frame
Safety rails on Praktikabel
Safety rails on stairways / steps

Product range

The product range gives you an overview of all the listed dimensions in the product section.

Our mission is to provide a system that works as effectively as you do.

You can obtain an overview of the listed Ventum-S Praktikabel dimensions in the Praktikabel structural element product range section.

We will be happy to advise you individually so that you obtain the best possible configuration for your project. You purchase a solution from us and obtain a portfolio of solutions for your subsequent projects – your investment pays off over and over again – that is absolutely certain.

Product range for Praktikabel structural elements.



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